Hand-crafted Styles

 We offer our custom wall prints in many beautiful styles.
Luminesce prints are beautiful creation on polished metal.  They represent the ultimate in clarity and color.  They can be floated for the wall or framed in one of our classic mouldings.  Luminesce prints are rated to last 200 to 400 years.

Crystal Acrylics are breath-taking three-dimensional prints.  In person, it seems you can almost walk in to them.  Stunning.

Maplewood prints are dye-transfers to a sheet of habd-rubbed wood.  The color and grain of the wood impart a rich warm tone and tactile dimension to the art.

Our most popular finish ever - our Canvas prints.  We offer them elegantly framed or gallery wrapped.  A special lacquer glaze beautifies and protects them.

Aristocraft is our classic, signature finish beautifully framed and lacquer glazed to eliminate the need for glass.

Artisan Wraps are one of newest creations.  Printed on a special pearlescent paper with a protective finish, then wrapped and floated for the wall.

Artcraft is our classic and beautiful fine art paper.  Frame these under glass for a traditional presentation.


It was a pleasure viewing and discussing the art with Mr. Fallon. An enjoyable experience and I am sure I will be very happy with my choice. He had a lot of patience also. The pieces I liked were numerous. Thank you. Elizabeth FLORIDA

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